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This is a unpainted miniature designed by the Lords of the Print . 

Scale: 81x63x68


Succubi and incubi inhabit all of the Lower Planes, and the lascivious dark-winged fiends can be found in service to devils, demons, night hags, rakshasas, and yugoloths. Asmodeus, ruler of the Nine Hells, uses these fiends to tempt mortals to perform evil acts. The demon lord Graz’zt keeps succubi and incubi as advisers and consorts.

Though legend speaks of them separately, any succubus can become an incubus, and vice versa. Most of these fiends do have a preference for one form or the other. Mortals only rarely see a succubus or incubus in its true form, however, for the fiend typically begins its corruption in veiled, insidious ways.


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  • Small miniatures will come assembled while large miniatures will be packaged unassembled to prevent damage during shipping.


    Your figure will be 3D printed in resin, roughly cleaned of supports, and then cured. We do our best to remove as many of the support marks as we can, but some light cleaning, sanding and assembly may still be required.
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