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We at Serix's Bag of Holding are conscious of the fact that there is a large variety of creators out there, with different styles and visions of the fantasy worlds you want to delve into, and that it's best to represent a wide range of each to provide you with a way to complete a vision of your own, from the goofy to the downright terrifying. Not all can agree on what a mystical creature looks like, or how big it is, but it's up to you to find one that best fits what you dream your world to be.

As such, the creators tab above is separated by the creators themselves, to allow a consistent look to your models and easier selection of their wares, as opposed to the free for all a simple shop page can offer up. We constantly strive to bring new and exciting creations to your gaming or display needs, and if there is one in particular that we don't have, it doesn't hurt to ask if we can start carrying it. 

Thank you for visiting and happy hunting!

3938 - Dark Ship Calypso v2 1.png
FrostTusk Armored 3.jpg
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