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The Rage God has woken. Cold and calulating with an appetite for destruction and a thirst for blood he is ready to be added to your table! Pre-supported with a 100mm skull and blood river base and optional swords, fists, wings and tail.

I recommend using strong glue to keep his wings attached and pinning him to his base if possible as this is a HUGE print cut into multiple pieces. Standing at over 14cm tall and ready to KILL!


PriceFrom $12.99
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Small miniatures will come assembled while large miniatures will be packaged unassembled to prevent damage during shipping.


    Your figure will be 3D printed in resin, roughly cleaned of supports, and then cured. We do our best to remove as many of the support marks as we can, but some light cleaning, sanding and assembly may still be required.
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