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After a botched assassination attempt and the kidnapping of her husband, Kylee leaves her post as Ambassador to the minotaurs and flies south, in hopes of seeking aid to rescue her husband from the clutches of the Phoenix’s forces.

It’s been four years since the war began, and the free races are steadily losing the war. King Erik, commander of the united forces, is striving to find a way to turn the dark tide before all are either enslaved or cast into oblivion.

After a brief discussion, the two agree to an arrangement that serves both their interest, the creation of a strike force that will operate behind enemy lines, as well as act to rescue her husband once his location has been ascertained.

Forced into a leadership role she never wanted, Kylee and her carefully selected group of Nightstalkers set off to join the war, but can they make a difference and turn back the forces of darkness or is already too late?

Nightstalkers: Origins

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