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This is a unpainted miniature designed by the Lord of the Print .

Scale: 50x128x44 


Hammerhead Sharks are large, cartelegous fish well known for their predatory habits, that live in warmer waters.

These light gray sharks are recognisable by their wide, flattened heads that resemble the head of a hammer.

Hammerheads will target any creature that is beneath half health, being scavangers. They also love tropical fish and squids. When seeking out food, Hammerhead Sharks circle their prey beforehand, to scope out an ideal attack angle. Occasionally, when attacking prey, the Hammerhead may loose one of its many teeth. These teeth can be used to create arrows that can travel better underwater and deal extra damage to aquatic creatures.



Hammerhead Shark

PriceFrom $6.99
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  • Small miniatures will come assembled while large miniatures will be packaged unassembled to prevent damage during shipping.


    Your figure will be 3D printed in resin, roughly cleaned of supports, and then cured. We do our best to remove as many of the support marks as we can, but some light cleaning, sanding and assembly may still be required.
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