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This is a unpainted miniature designed by the Lords of the Print . 

Scale: 36x41x52


For DnD 5e, the samurai fighter subclass revolves around a mixture of martial tenacity and social prowess.  In fact, this subclass is one of the most social of all the fighter subclasses, leaning into the societal aspects of the samurai warrior as well as the sword skill.

This build will utilize a single katana using the versatile property (1d10 damage) instead of the finesse option (using Dexterity modifier for combat damage).  Therefore, my character will need a solid Strength score.  However, Charisma, Constitution and Intelligence can be weaved into this character build as well to utilize samurai prestige.


PriceFrom $6.99
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  • Small miniatures will come assembled while large miniatures will be packaged unassembled to prevent damage during shipping.


    Your figure will be 3D printed in resin, roughly cleaned of supports, and then cured. We do our best to remove as many of the support marks as we can, but some light cleaning, sanding and assembly may still be required.
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