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Effective November 1st, subscription plans will be changing to a dollar system. Each tier will give you a certain amount of credits towards your purchase and when your subscription renews, a coupon will be sent to you to apply to your order. No more sending lists, just click what you want, add the coupon and submit.

This will go for the entire catalog, not just new releases.

This is a trial run. If current subscribers prefer the way it was, it may change back.

Thanks and I hope this will be a lot easier going forward.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Tier 1

    Every month
    Casual Players
    • 12 dollars credit towards purchase
  • Tier 2

    Every month
    Normal Level
    • 30 dollars credit towards purchase
  • Tier 3

    Every month
    • 60 dollars credit towards purchase
  • Platinum

    Every month
    Not for the faint of heart, don't roll a 1
    • 140 dollars credit towards purchase

Shipping International or for the heavier domestic not included.

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